AAHC Speaker Series

Performing Wellness

Uniting Artists and Healthcare Providers for Healing

Are you a passionate expert in the field of performing arts healthcare or an accomplished performing artist with insights to share?

We want to hear from you!

The AAHC Speaker Series is thrilled to announce its upcoming event: "Performing Wellness - Uniting Artists and Healthcare Providers for Healing."

We are currently seeking dynamic and engaging speakers to contribute to this transformative series.

Harmonizing Health & Artistry

The vision for the AAHC Speaker Series is to create a collaborative space that facilitates knowledge-sharing between expert clinicians and the local performing arts community. We aim to enhance the way performing artists' health is viewed and managed, promoting  prevention, overall well-being and prolonged careers in their specific genres.

Spotlighting Wisdom & Collaboration

As a speaker in the "Performing Wellness" series, you'll have the opportunity to put the spotlight on your unique expertise. Performing artist health and wellness is an area of ongoing research and discovery, demanding continuous sharing of knowledge. This series provides an accessible and affordable platform for both sides of the artistic athlete health community - the athletes and the clinicians - to share their wisdom as one community.

Bridging Artists & Clinicians

Our event series bridges the gap between artists and clinicians, catering to two rotating audiences on a monthly basis, the Performing Arts Community audience and the Performing Arts Healthcare Community.

Series Kick Off: Celebrating Art and Wellness

The series will kick off in September 2023 with an exciting event focused on dance educators. Register here.

Fusion of In-Person & Virtual Experience

The AAHC Speaker Series will be a hybrid event, offering both in-person and virtual attendance options with access to recordings after the event. This approach ensures maximum accessibility and allows speakers to reach a broad and diverse audience.


Seeking Inspiring Voices

We invite you to be a part of this groundbreaking event series by submitting your proposal as a speaker. Whether you are a performing artist, a healthcare provider, or a researcher, your expertise and insights are valuable to us.

Share your knowledge and contribute to the well-being and success of performing artists.

To submit your proposal or learn more about the event, please visit this link. Don't miss this chance to be a part of the "Performing Wellness" Speaker Series and make a meaningful impact on the performing arts community.

Performing Wellness

Uniting Artists and Healthcare Providers for Healing




6:30 - 8:00pm ET

Hypermobility and Safe Stretching

Attention dance educators! Join us over Zoom for a chat led by expert dance medicine physical therapists Aiko Callahan, PT, DPT, and Emma Nelson, PT, DPT. Learn safe stretching techniques and how to address hypermobility in dancers. Gain valuable insights and resources to enhance your teaching. Secure your spot for this transformative session now.



6:30 - 8:00pm ET

Pelvic Health for Performers: The Clinician's Edition

Check back soon for more details on our upcoming October session all about Pelvic Health for Performers: The Clinician's Edition where we'll discuss how clinicians can integrate pelvic health into their health plans. The session will be hybrid so attendees can choose to join via Zoom or in-person at our Cambridge office!

Together, let's create a vibrant and healthy artistic world through the power of shared knowledge and collaboration.